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Grand Master Kenneth started Taekwon-Do in 1977 at the age of 11 at the Royal Lake Club in Kuala Lumpur under Grandmaster Low Koon Lin 9th Dan the former Chief Instructor of Malaysia. He obtained his 1st Dan in 1984.

He then furthered his studies in England at Barnet College and later Middlesex University in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Whilst studying and later working in England he was active in Taekwon-Do with the Taekwon-Do Association of Great Britain (TAGB)  in Woodgreen, North London. He also started a club in Friern Barnet, North London.

In 1994 he returned to Malaysia and resumed training and teaching Taekwon-do. In 1998 WT Martial Arts Academy was established located in Pusat Bandar Puchong.

Kenneth was elected Deputy-President of the Taekwon-Do Association of Selangor (TAS) and appointed Technical Chairman and Chief Instructor / Examiner for the state. He was also a member of ITF Malaysia technical committee and the executive council.

Kenneth, in his capacity as Chief Instructor and Examiner of ITF Selangor, was in charge of the development of academies affiliated to ITF Selangor i.e. grading for colour and black belts, instructors and referee courses etc.

He started training in Hapkido in the year 2000. Hapkido is another form of Korean martial art which emphasises joint locks and throws.

He has also trained with and attended Taekwon-Do seminars conducted by:

  • General Choi Hong Hi, Founder of Taekwon-Do

  • Grand Master Hee Il Cho, 9th Dan Taekwon-Do

  • Grand Master Choi Jun Hwa, 9th Dan Taekwon-Do

  • Grand Master Dr. Leong Wai Meng, 9th Dan Taekwon-Do

  • Grand Master Dave Oliver, 9th Dan TaeKwon-Do

  • Grand Master Park Hae Man, 9th Dan Taekwondo

  • Grand Master Chang Seong Dong, 9th Dan Taekwondo

  • Grand Master Hwang Duk Kyu 9th Dan Hapkido

  • Grand Master Chang Il Do, 9th Dan Tang Soo Do

  • Grand Master Dr. Julian Lim, 8th Dan Hapkido

  • Senior Master Dr. Azwan Khoo Abdullah, 8th Dan Taekwon-Do

  • Senior Master Kim Sam Duk, 8th Dan Taekwon-Do

  • Senior Master Trevor Nichols, 8th Dan Taekwon-Do

  • Master Low Leong Tuck, 7th Dan Taekwon-Do

  • Master Andrew Rhee, 7th Dan Taekwon-Do

  • Master Ong Siong Wee, 7th Dan Taekwon-Do

  • Master Andy Yuen, 6th Dan Taekwon-Do

  • Dr. Ramlan Ahmad Shihan, 6th Dan Aikido

  • Sensei David Dangerfield, 5th Dan Aikido

  • Tuhon Tim Waid, Pekiti Tersia Kali

  • Guro Emil Fisk, Pekiti Tersia Kali

Over the years Kenneth has also taught the basics of self-defence to several corporate bodies:

  • IOI Mall

  • Danaharta

  • Digi

and also to members of:

  • ITF Perak

  • ITF Terengganu

  • ITF Langkawi.

  • ITF Negeri Sembilan

  • ITF Selangor

In mid-2009 ITFM organised a training camp for its black belt members and Kenneth was a facilitator for the self-defense program.

He was also a personal strength and conditioning trainer to:

  • Chief Executive Officer of Scomi and his family (Shah Hakim)

  • Chairman of Cimb Group (Dato Nazir Razak)

  • Chief Executive Officer of Air Asia group (Tan Sri Tony Fernandes)

  • Executive Chairman of Symphony House and his family (Tan Sri Azman Yahya)

  • Chairman of DUKE and his family (Dato Haris Onn Hussein)

  • Maybank Group Chief Financial Officer (Dato Amirul Feisal)

  • CEO Maybank Investment Banking (Fad’l Mohamed)

  • Senior Director for Ekuinas Investment (Nik Johann Nik Hashim)

  • Former Chief Executive Officer of Maju Group (Ravi Manchanda)

He was also a strength & conditioning consultant with Symphony House gym and also completed a 25-session weight management / strength & conditioning course with CCM PNB of which he was a personal trainer to the General Manager (Dato Amirul Feisal)


PhD Martial Arts APACMA

Btec Diploma Electrical & Electronics Engineering Middlesex University

Certified Trainer HRDF

Certified Sports Science NSC

Certified Malay Massage Therapy

Certified Sports Massage Therapy

Certified Hand Gun NRA

8th Dan TaeKwon-Do

7th Dan TangSooDo

5th Dan HapKiDo


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